NE-Mile Managed Services

We manage end to end maintenance of the multi fabric last mile connect of MPLS, Managed Broadband, 4G-LTE & Leased Lines.

Last Mile Management

Nesecure offers customers 24×7 monitoring and maintenance services of last-mile ISPs for their every site.

Load Balancing
[1] End Users
End user in a Data Center or Branch is the ultimate consumer of Apps and bandwidth.
[2] Edge Router
Edge Router is the device that routes the entire traffic from the external to the internal network and vice versa.
[3] ISP Cloud & Cloud Apps
Last mile is the last phase where the service provider edge link is connected to customer premise edge equipment.

Last Mile over Broadband

India is a vast geography and telecom companies have faced challenges in rollout of connectivity infrastructure. Terrestrial networks and cellular networks always face challenges in tier 2 and tier 3 cities spread of private network. Though MPLS has its own benefits, last mile rollout and feasibility throughout the country has always posed challenges to the telecom service providers.

Over the past few years, as the internet consumption has witnessed a paradigm shift in consumption and adaptation patterns, there have been lot of local and regional ISPs who have laid out Broadband network for the maximum reach in their specific zones.

Nesecure has a repository of proven and selected 3000+ backhaul bandwidth providers who have local, regional and national presence.

The VPN over broadband is the most unique and adaptive solution with utmost security features equivalent to a MPLS network.It also imparts flexibility of plans for customer to choose the most cost affordable set up according to custom requirements.

Last mile over broadband also ensures the challenges of feasibility are mitigated and provides multiple choices to the customer to choose from the best fit.

Last Mile over 4G/LTE

The rollout of 4G-LTE is now almost complete as many telecom service providers in India withdrawing of 2G and 3G network services. The 4G-LTE network has the capacity to power bandwidth / data speeds up to 150 Mbps+ which has now brought huge revolution in the way we consume internet data through mobility devices. The actual tested speeds with minimum 4 -10 Mbps depending on test conditions which is not bad at all.

The 4G revolution has enabled inclusive growth with rural sector also embarking on the digital platform through 4G connectivity.

We have honed the power of 4G in our vpn boxes making them available in both options of data card and sim based solutions. In case of primary bandwidth failover, the VPN box automatically switches to 4G network without any disruptions. It also roll backs to the primary link when it gets restored without any manual intervention.

We have defined active-active and active- passive modes of dual 4G in different models so that the user is at ease to choose from the options of best available network and multiple sim services.

Introduction to 5G networks

The world is now gearing up to welcome the next generation 5G technology with open arms and the telecom giants have rolled up their sleeves to promote the same.

We are always ready to serve you with best service assurance and availability.

Last Mile over Internet Leased Line (ILL)

Internet Leased Line circuit or dedicated internet access (DIA) Connection which assures of 99%+ guaranteed uptimes for your network connection. These are SLA driven links with a redundancy and dedicated (1:1) bandwidth contention ratio.

Nesecure is a managed service provider with end to end management with 24 x 7 monitoring of links through our own NOC. (Network Operations Centre)

We manage the configuration management, security management and change management along with vendor management for the last over ILL set up.

We also adopt the existing ILL set up of customer in some cases and re-structure the WAN structure to optimize the resultant output.