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Why Choose NeSecure?

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Who We Are?

Founded in 2013, Nesecure Networks is a managed services provider (MSP) working in the domain of information and communications technology (ICT).Nesecure believes that everybody has a fundamental right to technology and we are committed to bring advanced technology to every individual, entity or organization in the world. Our solutions imparts flexibility to let you choose the best fit networks. We strive to empower you by creating ample visibility through network segregation and add multiple layers of security giving you full control of your network infrastructure.

Nesecure is lead by young innovative Indian minds who strongly believe in taking firm steps towards an Atma-Nirbhar Bharat.

What do we offer the world?

We create value for our customers. We serve customers across multiple segments of the markets. We ensure that we personalize our solutions and services so that it gives the maximum value advantage to our customers. Together with our partners, we provide network solutions that are robust, durable, scalable and flexible in delivery and maintenance.

We ensure secure and stable network operations. With the vast geographic spread of our services we consistently try to improve our customer’s experience of network availability. Security and reachability shall always be our topmost priorities. We shall always keep working to improve our capabilities and service operations while enhancing the quality of our network services.

We have been in the business since 7 years and we are taking care of 21,000+ managed links. We are rapidly scaling our reach in more than 6 countries and 4 continents through our partner network.