NE -Connect is a most versatile SD edge appliance for small home office and mid-size branch.

NE -Connect is a most versatile SD edge appliance for small home office and mid-size branch. This device is designed for most rugged field condition and comes with designated wan port and dual sim slots for sites which are not capable of wired network. This product is ideally suited for various services such as

  • 1. IPVPN
  • 2. M2M IOT Gateway router
  • 3. MPLS over 4G LTE service
  • 4. Load Balancing & Failover SDWAN CPE

4G LTE connectivity provides any small site or home/ branch a cost-effective and always-on solution for either a primary or a failback mechanism. When used as a SD Edge device, all wired and 4G links can be bundled as a single overlay stream.Also it is very much accessiblewithin all parts of remote India. NE-Connect is capable to bring digital transformation to the hand of remotest worker and helps greatly to bridge the gap of digital divide.

NE-Connect Applicability

Remote CCTV Surveillance

Remote surveillance and monitor any branch, logistics centre, ATMs, or any Industrial or defence site and it helps IP Camera to connect to the central monitoring station.

Remote Branch Connectivity

Dual SIM 4G Active/Passive or Active /Active mode support with WAN makes it ideal for far remotest branch of any size. With high gain antenna, network is now well equipped to handle any wired failure via means of fall back mechanism to 4G LTE.

ATM and Banks

Connect your ATMs using a IPSEC GCM , wired + 4G LTE cellular connection which is always on. Lower power consumption make it an ideal router which can be plugged to ATM UPS forlonger uninterrupted service compared to high power consuming other brands.

In Vehicle Wi-Fi

Cost effective way to delivery in vehicle Wi-Fi in buses, private cab and or even trains to give users or passengers a seamless digital services. It can also be used as in vehicle IPTV flashing advertisement and digital signage.

Digital Signage

Low cost of mobility router makes is very affordable for Digital signage boards and helps to delivery display message remoted with near 99.5% uptime.

EV Stations

Connecting EV Edge systems to EV centralised management system hosted on cloud or private DC.

In Retail POS

Nesecure Failsafe router for all the digital signage and POS terminal. Reduces the number of SIM required to operate payment card machine, Billing terminal , Digital Signage or any other IOT sensor for HVAC and building condition monitoring.

IOT gateways

Using NE-Connect, user can connecttheirIOT sensors of various field applications

For Toll booths and Traffic system

Connecting Toll systems to central server without need of any wired network, connecting IP camera for traffic violator and remote controlling traffic signal for traffic management.

Business Benefits

  • 1. Higher return of network investment via effective utilization of low cost links/Data Pack.
  • 2. Near 99.5% uptime using combination of wire and wireless network.
  • 3. Ease of Netops using centralized dashboard.
    • a. Network parameters
    • b. Inventory management
    • c. Uptime and SLA
    • d. Device Health monitoring
    • e. Zero touch provisioning - ZTP
    • f. Bundled security
    • g. Traffic Analytics
    • h. Usage pattern – capacity planning for new application role out
  • 4. Superb network and application usage visibility improves user efficiency and performance.